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Donor Sperms

Donor sperms is an option for a woman to conceive if her male partner has no sperms in his semen, i.e. is azoospermic.

A man who has testicular failure would not produce any sperms in his semen and hence is unable to have his own biological child. Use of donor sperms is a good option. With the consent of both partners, Donor sperms could be used to make his wife conceive. The woman has the satisfaction of getting pregnant and having her own biological child. The donor is screened for VDRL, HIV, HBs Ag, HCV, Blood Group. Frozen samples of sperm is always used. The physical features, and the blood group of donor are matched. Donor sperms are used either by IUI method or by ICSI treatment. The protocol for the woman is same depending on the treatment that is necessary.

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