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Egg Donor

If a woman who does not have her own eggs and wishes to conceive, then she has the option of conceiving by using another woman’s eggs.

Who would donate her eggs to her. The donor is screened for all the tests that can be transmitted thru’ her eggs. Her blood is tested for HIV, HBsAg, HCV. The identity of both donor and recipient is not known to each other. Eggs can be got from a professional donor or they can be shared with a young woman who is undergoing a treatment cycle. The sperms are that of the recepient’s male partner. The physical features of the donor and recepient are matched.

The clinical situations where donor eggs are used are

  • In elderly woman after 40 who do not have adequate number of eggs in their previous treatment cycles.
  • In Postmenopausal woman who wishes to conceive.
  • In a young woman with Premature ovarian failure.
  • In woman in whom there is a risk of transmission of diseases if she has her own biological child.
  • In woman who have undergone cancer Radiotherapy/ Chemotherapy. At our centre, we have facilities for both professional egg donors and young women who would like to share their eggs.

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